Resources for Field School Students

      Health and Safety Announcements

      BVAR Code of Conduct

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Equipment, Supplies, Incidental costs

      Syllabus and required reading

      How to write in your notebook (sample)

Required Student Forms

        Waiver form

        Legal form

        Medical form

Research Resources

      Funding/Scholarship Opportunities  

      Site Descriptions

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Resources for the Public (Tour Guides, Teachers)

      Research Summaries

​      Outreach Events

      3D Reconstructions of Pottery

      3D Reconstructions of Architecture (Virtual Tours)

Field Safety and Reporting

​       BVAR Code of Conduct

       BVAR-SAFE Guidelines -- Reporting sexual harassment or assault, with links to NAU

       Title IX office and reporting links.

       BVAR anonymous report -- File an anonymous report to project directors here to

       report violations of the BVAR Code of Conduct, unsafe conditions or interactions,

       supervisors who are not responsive to student learning, or to give positive feedback

       for project members.

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