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Welcome to the website of the Belize Valley Archaeological Reconnaissance Project (BVAR) and the Western Belize Regional Cave Project (WBRCP). Both projects are directed by Belizean archaeologist Dr. Jaime J. Awe (Northern Arizona University and Institute of Archaeology, NICH, Belize). He received his MA from Trent University, Canada, and his PhD from the University of London, England. Dr. Awe has been active in Mesoamerican archaeology since 1977 and has experience directing investigations at numerous sites throughout Belize. BVAR has been conducting archaeological research in central Belize since 1988 with the initiation of excavations at the ancient Maya site of Cahal Pech. In 1992 BVAR started shifting its focus on the major site of Baking Pot, a site which continues to be actively investigated by the project, with research directed by Assistant Director, Dr. Julie A. Hoggarth (Penn State). In 1997 Belize's largest speleo-archaeological project was launched as the WBRCP (preceded in 1996 by the Actun Tunichil Mucnal Project). In 2006 the WBRCP was subsumed under BVAR’s Regional Cave Operations, which continues to investigate numerous cave sites throughout central Belize. Come find out more about our project and the field work opportunities that we are offering this season.

Western Belize
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