Dr. Chrissina C. Burke

Project Zooarchaeologist



Dr. Chrissina Burke began working with BVAR in the summer of 2016. She is faculty at Northern Arizona University and completed her PhD at the University of Nevada, Reno in 2013. Her research focuses on the different relationships humans maintain with non-human animal communities and the taphonomic analysis of faunal materials to clarify site formation processes. This research began during her MA at Colorado State University where she studied the impact scavenging carnivores made to prehistoric bison bones. During her doctorate she continued this research through different avenues, including the comparison of several bison killsites and feeding captive carnivores butchered cow limbs to recreate tooth mark data for further research. After completing her dissertation Chrissina began studying the emotional, ritual, and spiritual relationships humans have constructed with animal communities. This interest led to studying dog pathology in animal burials of the American Southwest and the exploration of faunal materials present in ritual deposits of the Maya. Chrissina has conducted archaeological research in the Western United States, France, and Belize.

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