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Norbert Stanchly

Norbert Stanchly first joined BVAR as a faunal research assistant in 1990. He has been conducting zooarchaeological research in Belize since then and has examined faunal assemblages from 20 different Maya sites throughout Belize. These have included animal remains from Preclassic, Classic, Postclassic, Colonial and Historic period contexts. He is mainly interested in the social zooarchaeology of the Maya…how the Maya used animals in ritual, trade and exchange, and in teaching others how to analyze faunal remains. In addition to being a staff zooarchaeologist with BVAR, Norbert is also a project zooarchaeologist for the Pactibun Regional Archaeological Project and the Lamanai Archaeological Project. When he is not in Belize, Norbert is the owner and Principal Archaeologist of AS&G Archaeological Consulting based in Toronto, Canada.