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Kelsey Sullivan

Kelsey is a graduate student at Northern Arizona University, working closely with Dr. Awe. Her thesis research focuses on the ritual caching of chert and obsidian eccentrics at the sites of Xunantunich and Benque Viejo, as well as regional variation in caching practices. Additional research interests include the investigation of large-scale lithic tool production and distribution, situated within the regional economic system of the Belize Valley.

Kelsey began working with the BVAR project in 2012, shortly after completing her Bachelorís Degree at the University of Oregon. She has held the position of student, research student, junior staff, and is now a research staff member of the project. Her research with BVAR has focused on site core and hinterland chert tool production. Kelsey has excavated at Baking Pot, Cahal Pech, Lower Dover, Lower Barton Creek, and at the Etzínab Tunich Group.

Outside of her work with BVAR and NAU, Kelsey has many years of experience working as a research assistant for the Coastal Archaeology and Archaeometry Laboratory at University of Oregon. Her research with the lab focuses on lithic technologies on the Channel Islands and greater California, as well as in the Great Basin. In addition, she has collaborated on projects investigating oxygen isotope analysis as a proxy for developing paleoenvironmental reconstructions of island environments, including islands in the Caribbean and Micronesia.