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Kirsten A. Green

Kirsten is a PhD candidate and Sloan Scholar at the University of Montana. She received her BS in Anthropology from Southern Methodist University in 2006 and her MA in Physical Anthropology from the University of Montana in 2008. Kirstenís dissertation research focuses on using stable isotopes to identify origin, movement, and status of burials from Cahal Pech. The goal of her research is to understand population movement and changes in mortuary patterns as a proxy to changes in the socio-political structure of the Late and Terminal Classic Maya at Cahal Pech.

She has worked for BVAR as an assistant osteologist since 2012. While working for BVAR Kirsten has excavated numerous burials from sites all over the Belize Valley including Lower Dover, Cahal Pech, and Baking Pot. Kirsten, along with the osteology team, have been working on identification, inventory, and completing Standards recording of burials from the beginning of the BVAR project.

Kirsten has worked for various CRM companies in Montana and California, the State of California Department of Transportation, and the California National Guard as a Cultural Resource Manager. Once finished with her PhD, Kirsten hopes to continue her research in Belize expanding on her dissertation questions to include regional sites.