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John Walden

John Walden is a doctoral student at the University of Pittsburgh. His dissertation focuses on the social organization of the Classic Maya households within the Lower Dover settlement.

Following his completion of a B.A. in archaeology and ancient history and an M.A. in the archaeology of complex societies at the University of Manchester, UK, John first came to Belize in 2012. Between 2012 and 2014 John worked on the Las Cuevas Archaeological Project and Belize Caves Regional Project. Following this, John conducted settlement excavations at Baking Pot. John has taught courses on archaeology at the University of Pittsburgh and has acted as an excavation supervisor with both LCAR and BCRP, and is now a field school instructor on BVAR.

John has also conducted fieldwork in the Andes, the UK and Turkey. His broader research interests include the comparative archaeology of state level societies, warfare and social change, ancient political systems and social inequalities, societal collapse and ancient games. Methodologically, John is a keen advocate of pursuing multiple approaches to reconstructing the past and has been involved in regional survey, household archaeology, cave archaeology and the excavation of monumental architecture.