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Britt Davis

Britt Davis is a graduate student at Northern Arizona University, working with Dr. Jaime Awe. His thesis research focuses on the abandonment practices of the Maya at the site of Baking Pot, specifically the terminal ritual deposition of cultural material in the site cores. Britt began working in Belize in the summer of 2014 with the Pacbitun Regional Archaeological Project (PRAP) under Dr. Terry Powis, a former BVAR researcher, and continued working with PRAP in the summer of 2015. Britt started working with BVAR in the summer of 2016 under Drs. Jaime Awe and Julie Hoggarth.

Britt received his Bachelorís of Science in Anthropology from Kennesaw State University, in Kennesaw Georgia, in December 2014. After graduating he went on to do Cultural Resource Management in the Southeastern US and the Ohio River Valley. Britt has been a field school supervisor at the Dabbs Site in Cartersville, GA, and recently at the site of Baking Pot in the Belize Valley.