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Hannah Zanotto

Hannah Zanotto is a graduate student at Northern Arizona University under the guidance of Dr. Awe. Hannah first joined BVAR in 2015 and has since worked at Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and Baking Pot as research staff. Her thesis research examines the variability of ritual cave use across the Maya Lowlands and builds on the work of the Western Belize Regional Cave Project.

Hannah received her BA from Arizona State University where she worked on a number of inter-disciplinary research projects, predominantly focusing on understanding social transformations in the U.S. Southwest and Northern Mexico during a time of prolonged drought and heightened socio-political stress (c. AD 500-1350).

Her broader research interests involve the movement, and transformation of macro-regional ideological systems, specifically between the U.S. Southwest and Mesoamerica. Hannah is particularly interested in the ways in which ritual practices create and recreate socio-political systems at both the community and state level. Her interests also include the creation of meaning, community integration, social identity and power. Methodologically, her research frequently employs ceramic and architectural analysis. Hannah has participated on archaeological field projects in both the U.S. Southwest and Belize.