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Antonio Beardall

Antonio Beardall was born in Nottingham, England and moved to San Ignacio, Cayo, Belize as a child. His career in archaeology began at the age of 22 when he was hired to work in the Tourism Development Project by Dr. Jaime Awe. As a field hand, he got his first exposure to monumental excavations and restoration starting at Cahal Pech, then moving on to Xunantunich and Caracol. Through this project he was introduced to BVAR by Dr Awe by bringing him to work at the site of Baking Pot where he assisted in excavations as well as assisting Dr Holley Moyes with her dissertation work at Chechem Ha.

When the Tourism Development Project ended he was brought in as a research assistant for the Institute of Archaeology, where he was trained in processing of private collections as well as further training in field archaeology, working at sites such as Gran Cacao under Dr. John Lohse and Minanha under Dr Gyles Iannone.

In 2011 he received his BA in Library Science and Information Management from Tamkang University in Taiwan. Upon his return to Belize he headed the Burns Avenue salvage excavations in 2012. His new found responsibilities at the Institute of Archaeology have seen him become one of the best lecturers in educational matters across the country as well as providing tours for special guests at sites including Cahal Pech, Altun Ha and Xunantunich.

In 2014 he assisted Cameron Griffith and Dr. Nancy Peniche May in the supervision of excavations in Plaza G at Cahal Pech. He returned in 2015 to continue excavations on Str G2 along with Peniche May but returned in 2016 as BVAR staff to carry out investigations at Cahal Pech on his own.

Because of his work with the public and in particular the youth across the country of Belize, his interests have become public archaeology as it is his goal to have more local interaction in the research and preservation of Belize’s archaeological heritage. His next goal is to pursue an MA in this field.