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Belize Valley Archaeological
Reconnaissance Project


You are applying to join a research project that is operating in a culturally diverse country, under conditions which will likely be quite different from those to which you are accustomed to in your home country. The project involves hard physical labor and the ability to live and cooperate in close quarters with others in a tropical environment. This questionnaire helps to ensure that the project operates smoothly and that we have some idea of your skills, interests, strengths, and weaknesses prior to the beginning of the field season. Please try to answer as accurately and completely as possible. You may complete the online questionnaire below, or you may simply fill out the PDF form and submit it to bvararchaeology@gmail.com. If you have submitted your application and have not heard back from us after a week or so, please email us at bvararchaeology@gmail.com.

Click here to download the complete PDF form

If you are experiencing difficulties using the text features of Adobe Acrobat Professional or if you simply do not have this software, you can copy and paste this application into your word processor or email and send the completed form via email to:


Note that in Adobe Acrobat Reader you can copy the content of PDF files to the clipboard by using the corresponding function under the “Edit” menu. Having done this you can paste (Ctrl+V) the form into a word processor or an email. Then fill in the form accordingly, but instead of checking items off as in the online application form, just mark selections off with an “X.”


Thank you.

Last updated: 17 November, 2016